The Angel and The Devil

Once upon a time an angel and a devil fell in love

both their worlds collided into one

neither one nor the other more

but merging from shore to shore

yes this angel was as sweet as could be,

a slice of heaven, anyone could see

but deep in her soul

lied a secret disposition

one of evil and misconception

The devil, however, rotten on the outside

his skin leather tight,

had an even bigger secret to spill

t’was affection under his shell

no one was to tell

So she had him, and he had her.

their love was so sure

they were each other’s missing halves

even if they had different paths

they tried to avoid it all

only later to fall

Their paths were destroyed, and so where they

there’s nothing anyone could say

showing they’re true colours; it was never the same

the angel grew some horns and lashed out with hate,

while the devil earned his wings and found a new fate

Once upon a time an angel and a devil fell in love

now the two separate worlds that collided into one

is now again two separate worlds that are the same

both of the leaders, letting go their secret shame. dropthatburrito